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get your finance in order 

about Viktoria Soltesz

Viktoria is the founder and CEO of an independent payment consultancy, the PSP Angels Group


with over 20 years of experience in tax, finance, payment, and banking, she is an awarded and acknowledged payment professional and speaker

Viktoria's unique skill is to understand and explain "how banks think" and "how money moves"


she solves problems and assists clients by using her vast network to gain priceless inside information about any payment and banking challenge


she gives an accurate picture of the ever-changing banking and payment landscape and professional insights to help banks, financial institutions, payment providers, or even online businesses to plan fund movements, payments, and other international payment flows in a safe and cost-effective way




Viktoria can assist with various challenges, such as

- group payment planning

- financial and payment health evaluation 

- global tax planning

- banking, payment and other financial questions

- company incorporation

- fiduciary services

- accounting, internal and external audit issues

- business plan writing

financial analysis and reporting system setup

- and many more


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