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Finance is the language of

Get your finances in order. Now.

How banks think?
How money moves?

Over 20 years experience in banking, payments, tax and finance, Viktoria has all the answers - before you even ask the questions.

About Viktoria Soltesz

Viktoria is the founder and CEO of the independent payment consultancy, the PSP Angels Group.


With over 20 years in banking, payments, tax, and finance, she is an awarded and acknowledged payment professional, banking expert, and tax consultant. She used to lecture at the University of West London.

Viktoria has a unique skill in explaining "how banks think" and "how money moves". She is the author of the bestselling book "Moving Money - How Banks Think," which is available on all Amazon stores today.


Viktoria is specialised in complex and challenging cases, resolving issues by utilising her unique and vast network of banking and payment providers and professionals.


Providing expert solutions for all challenges

Banking and payment consultancy

Company incorporation

International fund movements & complex cases

Group structures

Accounting, internal and external audits

Global tax planning

Book launch

Moving money - How banks think book
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