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about Viktoria

payment and banking should be easy...


Viktoria helps her clients make informative decisions about the possible options, prices, and risks


within her personalized payment consulting services, she and her team set up an overall payment plan, help to move funds between countries, reduce real banking and payment risks, re-negotiate current fees to match the lower market rates, optimize tax and cash flow, and assist with the overall payment-banking setup


helping her clients to take their business globally, she explains what country uses which types of payment options, and she also refers them to local payment providers for safer and cheaper banking and financial products


she has several partners who offer payment solutions, alternative payment methods, mobile payments, wallets, open banking, vouchers, crypto payments, chargeback and fraud tools, cashiers, and correspondent banks, based on individual circumstances and needs

the Cyprus branch offers various fiduciary, accounting, taxation, and audit services, where she assists companies not only during their operation but also during incorporation, including company setup, licensing (office and personal setups, executive and non-executive directors, AML officers, lawyers, software providers, correspondent banks, etc.)


the Malta branch offers banking and payment consulting, aimed specifically at the iGaming and Gambling industry


via the new Greek branch, she now offers in mergers and acquisitions of financial licensed companies such as brokerages, crypto exchanges, banks, E-money institutions, small payment institutions, money service businesses insurance and remittance companies, etc. globally


she also specializes in payment and financial evaluations on different projects to assist


she used to lecture at the University of West London and she is a regular speaker at iGaming, blockchain, fintech, and investment conferences


Viktoria won the Business Woman of the Year 2023 Award by Acquisition International


Viktoria's primary objective is to support companies in achieving their strategic goals by identifying key opportunities and mitigating risks, thereby liberating valuable management time for other critical tasks

her professional background also includes:

- holding various C-level senior management positions

- accumulating over 17 years of solid international financial experience

- demonstrating a consistent, proven track record of efficiently leading Finance Departments, often with diverse     accounting backgrounds

- navigating the intricacies of high-risk online businesses, including their structures, banking, and taxation

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