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Fintech Network Interview with Viktoria Soltesz - FINE Ambassador

The team at FINE caught up with Viktoria Soltesz, CEO of PSP Angels, a banking and payments consulting firm. Viktoria is an accomplished professional in finance, with a strong background in consultancy, education, financial strategies, and risk management. She recently published a book, “Moving Money: How Banks Think,” which demystifies the complexities of the financial world.

Imagine your company is constantly changing, increasing volume, evolving, changing products or services, targeting new markets, and developing technology. If you had only a website before and now have an online store, many things are changing. Your financial suppliers, banks, and payment providers are also changing their risk appetites, offerings, and products, possibly due to innovation. You need to stay on top of everything, balancing your changing demands with changes on the supply side. Whoever handles payments and banking decisions in your company needs to ask the right questions from suppliers: “Can I have better fees? Better terms and conditions?” 

Ask about the latest innovations and new APIs. Knowing what to ask can bring many benefits from working together with suppliers, staying ahead of the competition. It’s not only about costs but also the ease for customers, payment speed, and how financial institutions handle your money. The latest innovation might be cheaper than your current system, so having someone knowledgeable about these questions ensures your payment plan is up to date. 


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